The qualities of leadership

LeadershipAs a dive store owner or manager, there are things you can manage and things you can’t. Things you can manage include time, money, effort, resources, projects, trips, classes and events. The one thing you cannot“manage,” however, is people.


Business 101: Opportunity cost

Opportunity CostOver the years, I’ve attended countless classes and seminars on everything ranging from merchandising and display to advertising and promotion. What never ceases to amaze me, however, is that some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learn about dive retailing did not come from any of these specialized programs. Instead, it came during my freshman year at University of Maryland, in Mr. Johnson’s Business 101 course. Among the very first topics covered was that of opportunity cost — a concept that helps explain why inventory turnover is vital.


Don’t be blindsided

BlindThe accompanying ad for Marriott’s Courtyard hotels appeared in an issue of Wired magazine. It is supposed to promote the fact that all Courtyard rooms come with high-speed Internet access. Is that what you get from the ad?